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 A Holistic Approach to Entrepreneurship

How You Can Have it All Amidst the Chaos

Is this you?

A woman overwhelmed by life, business and career
  • Are you a fempreneur who wants to learn how to be an expert juggler so you can keep all the balls (aka family, career, home, etc.) in the air and still keep growing the business you’re so passionate about? 

  • Are you still missing bits of knowledge, like a step-by-step process and a checklist of tools that can help you get there?

  • You started your business with a desire to have financial and time freedom so you can serve the people who need your experience and superpower!

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As a multi-passionate woman, you’re seeking to find your voice and your message so it can reach a larger audience and create a life of financial freedom for yourself and your clients so you’re free to use your time as you please! 

But your life right now is a long list of things to do, and not enough time in the day to get it all done!  

As a bootstrapping solopreneur on a zero or really tight budget you're constantly trying to do it all by yourself. 

You’re working away by yourself and you wonder, "A professional network? What's that? Even on a good day, I barely have time to sleep!" 

I totally get it!

You wish you had a step-by-step process and somebody to help you figure it all out!  Am I right?

All you want to do is start living your truth, loving what you do every day because that's what really excites you! 

Instead, you’re on the verge of burning out because you’re stretched too thin! 

I was in that place myself!


As a single mom, wearing 15 different hats and juggling 23 different things at the same time helped me understand the importance of getting things right from the very start, rather than wasting time to go back and redo the same thing over and over again as I learned new ideas and tools from different free websites and tried to put them all together on my own!

BUT… your dream life COULD become a reality if you found all the right resources from the right experts!


Get the best advice in the industry!


What if you received some of the best advice from women who get it and who are killing it in their industries while balancing life and business?

What if someone could hand you a checklist of some of the things you can do on a low or zero budget that could help take away the stress, the overwhelm, the guilt, the self-doubt, the fear and the lack of community and support?

Want to learn some killer strategies on:

  • how to boost your visibility

  • how to increase audience engagement

  • proven productivity tips and hacks

  • where to find more customers

If you’ve tried different things in the past without much success, you’re probably convinced that you’ve tried it all and it just doesn’t work!

Everything I mentioned above WILL work even if you think you're doing the absolute best you can right now and there's no way a better strategy could possibly exist! 


 Your long standing dream of having it all is about to come true!

I've gathered a group of amazing fempreneurs who had the same struggle as you and I did! 

But they broke through and are now ready to help more women get their businesses launched. 

I've invited them to share their knowledge, experience and expertise on how to build and scale a business using a holistic approach so that your life isn't a hot mess all the time!

A 24-hour power-packed Online Summit

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In this 24-hour long Virtual Summit, these boss ladies are going to share their top secrets on how they stay sane, expand their businesses and still find time to spend with their families, pursue a hobby or do philanthropic work!

This is what you’ll learn in 24 hours:

  • How to live an intentional life and get out of autopilot as a busy mompreneur

  • Finding balance in business and in life

  • How to start a podcast on a budget

  • How to get more traffic to your blog using free tools

  • Raising children and capital - strategies on how to reduce overwhelm

  • Secrets of creating an amazing customer experience so you can stop chasing clients

  • The mistakes you must stop making with your website if you’re DIY-ing it


Saturday, October 26, 2019


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And oh, by the way, there will be a ton of cool giveaways and even a couple of

Mega Giveaways

to the ladies who show up the most during the live sessions!

Learn more about the speakers and their topics!

Meet your host and the 6 speakers who are getting ready to help you rock your business with a plethora of tips, tricks and tools! 


Leah Hall


Michelle Baird


Crystal Hamilton

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Nancy Carter

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Rhea Anglesey


Jessica Haines

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Toni Chowdhury


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