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I’m really excited to help more women find the support and community they need to be the best versions of themselves and to keep building their legacy!

Meet your host and the 6 speakers who are getting ready to help you rock your business with a plethora of tips, tricks and tools! 

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Host of The Holistic Approach to Entrepreneurship Summit

Host of The Holistic Approach to Entrepreneurship Summit

Toni Chowdhury | Success Strategist

Toni helps passionate women launch their businesses using her proprietary step-by-step process on minimal budget with confidence and ease. As a single mother working a corporate job, she has built and run multiple businesses of her own besides helping her clients build theirs.

Create an Amazing Customer Experience: 3 Secrets You Absolutely Need to Know

Most entrepreneurs forget they’re dealing with humans on the other side of the sales funnel. They get busy trying to chase down leads and close sales. 

But a business’s biggest asset is the database of humans who have already trusted the business enough to buy from them once or even multiple times. 

Learn the three secrets of what your existing customer database could mean for your business, how to create a stellar customer experience with simple and low budget techniques and how you can literally multiply your raving fans and brand ambassadors using … you guessed it … low cost strategies!

Learn more about Toni at www.womenwhowin-tc.com

Leah Hall | Personal Branding Boutique

Leah supports creative female entrepreneurs as they develop their niche into a profitable brand in the marketplace. As a stay-at-home mother of two small children, her focus is on developing processes to help other women raise capital and their children.

Raising Children + Capital: Tactical Strategies to Reduce Overwhelm 

Imagine what it would feel like if you could manage your entrepreneurial tasks and your day-to-day domestic tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

As a mother of two-small homeschooled children and the owner of a personal branding boutique – I understand first hand the emotional and physical struggles of being a creative mompreneur. 

Learn the tools and tactical strategies that help to extinguish meltdowns and to streamline business processes so you can successfully conquer your day.

Learn more about Leah at www.leahhall.co


Crystal Hamilton | Mindset Coach & Blogger

Crystal loves empowering aspiring mompreneurs to master their mindset and take the leap into starting their own businesses so they can create a lifestyle aligned with their greatest aspirations. 

The Power of Intentional Mompreneurship: How to Stop Living Life on Autopilot

A great deal of us moms have a plethora of brilliant ideas and lofty desires that we aspire to launch into our dream businesses; however, we allow everything from our self-limiting beliefs to our hectic mommy lifestyles to keep us stagnant, complacent, and distracted- on autopilot. An endless cycle of serving everyone but ourselves: children, spouse, friends, jobs etc. 

Get ready to acquire new knowledge and strategies on how to (1) identify and reverse engineer self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back, (2) perfect your 24 hours and increase your productivity, and (3) realign your current reality to create the business, lifestyle, and freedom that you envision for your future through the power of intention.

Learn more about Crystal at www.superheroalterego.com

Nancy Carter | Podcast Host & Sales Coach

Nancy has been in a full-time sales career for over 20 years and runs her coaching business on the side. She helps people increase their market presence and brand visibility with a simple process using podcasts to build and grow their businesses

How To Start a Podcast on a Budget 

If you want to grow your market presence, improve your brand visibility, or let people know about products or services that you offer, then podcasting is for you!

We will discuss why podcasting is so amazing, what you would talk about, who would be interested in your podcast, as well as a walk-through of what you need to start a podcast, for a lot less $ than you would believe possible!

Learn more about Nancy at podcast.madesimplebusinesslearning.com

Nancy Carter.png

Michelle Baird | Virtual Assistant

Supporting small businesses in the day-to-day running of their business. Michelle loves to help busy entrepreneurs find time for the things that matter to them most.

Finding Balance in Business and in Life

"Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel, they all require awareness, and through this awareness we can grow" - Koi Fresco

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the aspects in starting and growing your business? Join me at the Summit where I will share with you my experiences and my perspective on the importance of finding your balance in business and in life. You will come away with some great techniques and tips on how you can find your balance again.

Learn more about Michelle at www.globalvirtualassist.com

Rhea Anglesey | Writer

Thinker, Learner, Writer. Rhea likes helping others through her writing. An educator by profession, a writer at heart.

How to Use the Free Blogging Platform Medium to Direct Traffic to Your Website

You have set up an amazing blog or website. It features helpful articles for your potential clients. You know they are of value to anyone who reads them because they are a product of your experience and expertise. Yet, you are not getting half as much organic traffic to visit your blog as it deserves.

Or you might not have started blogging yet. You know you need to but you are not sure of being able to draw enough attention to your blog.

In your busy schedule, this is another source of stress and frustration for you that you do not need.

Come and find out how Medium, the unique online blogging platform with a built-in audience of 25 million-plus per month can lead traffic to your blog, get your blog posts read, and help you build your email list with very little extra effort and no extra cost.

Learn more about Rhea at https://medium.com/@rheaanglesey

Rhea Anglesey - Speaker

Jessica Haines | Website Design Expert

Jessica helps female coaches and creative entrepreneurs stand out online with websites and branding that gets them noticed so they can attract and book high-end clients.

The Top Mistakes Preventing You from Booking Clients on Your Website and How to Avoid Them

Are you booking clients through your website? If not, you should be! Instead of having your website sitting there collecting digital dust and costing your money, why not find out the top mistakes made on DIY websites and how you can avoid them? These quick and easy changes will ensure your website is working to grow your business, rather than scaring away potential clients.

Find out how you can get ahead of your game by upleveling your online home so it’s set up to sell.

Learn more about Jessica at www.jessicahainesdesign.com

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