About me …


I’m here to serve you with all my heart, to the best of my abilities and beyond. Why? Because I believe every woman needs to learn to stand up, speak up and level up!

I was born and raised in a very conservative Indian household and the only thing that was expected of me was to be educated enough to be married off at 18 or even earlier. I hated the idea and naturally didn’t adhere to rules and conventions and earned myself the title of “rebel”, which I’m proud of till this day!

I’m grateful life threw multiple challenges at me because I stood up and faced them head on. That’s when I learned to own my power! And now - I’m here to help you learn how you can do it too!

We’re empowered beyond our beliefs - we need to learn to leverage it and make amazing things happen for ourselves, our families and our communities!

You already have the power to change your reality. Just focus on the important things and cut out the excuses!

If you’re struggling to launch your business, need some help with your branding or just need to get a few clients in the door, you’re in the right place! And the best part is that if you’re accepted into one of my programs, I’ll give you the platform and the exposure you need as an entrepreneur!

Everything is possible, if you want it bad enough!

Even the word Impossible says “I’m possible!