Kind Words from Clients

Personal Branding

“An eye opener to personal branding and what it can do to leverage one’s professional potential helped me draw focus on working on my business venture.”

S. Markose

IT Professional

“Personal branding session from Toni was a success for me just for the fact that I achieved clarity on the direction to proceed and being able to network with like minded individuals. At the same time this session was able able to put light on my strengths and how I can use my skills right-away to help others and understanding my need to communicate my value to others. I would recommend this session not just to anyone who wants to start a business, but also anyone who wants to communicate better your values and the reason why you have those values.” 

Midhun G.

IT Professional/Aspiring Entrepreneur

Business Coaching

“The workshop I took with Toni was the most useful one I have been in my whole career as a photographer. She is so specific and clear on how to set a goal for your planning that you do not have the chance of missing it. She really is the queen of the simpler the better and you finish your day with a very specific plan for your next year of your business. And it is a lot of fun ! I had never had so much fun creating my business plan before. I definitely recommend her workshops and her work in general. She is so generous, enthusiastic and one of the most clever people you could connect with in order to set your goals for your business.” 

Adriana GC


Life Coaching

“She used very accessible way to explain things, giving many concrete examples which helped to understand even better. Appreciated that she took time to listen more in detail my ‘stories’. Thank you so much Toni!! I am meditating now since 41 days in a row :))” 

Suzie J.

Stay-at-home Mom