Whether you are a new entrepreneur or an established one, whether you sell a product or a service, your business must have a compelling Brand. 

Without a strong brand, your business is going to be lost in a market overflowing with choices.

If your branding is non- existent or ineffective, your business will be like these bottles and jars with blank labels. Yes, they look nice enough. But what do they hold? 

Is it something of value? How is one different from the other?

Would you buy any of them? 

Your answer to the above questions is most likely going to be ‘NO!’. Not until you have the answers.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Powerful Brand

1. Your Brand Is Your Unique Identity

Just as your face gives your name a reference point, your brand gives your business its unique identity.

Your brand is an amalgamation of your skills, expertise and your core values.

It is a true reflection of what your business believes in and stands for.

Once you figure out what your brand personality is, it gives you the ability to market your business with absolute confidence. 

2. Your Brand Is Who Your Clients Do Business With

Let’s face it, we humans are social animals. We prefer a doctor who is friendly, a teacher who is kind, a boss who shows us appreciation. 

It is no different for your prospective clients. Your clients are looking for the human touch behind the façade of your website. 

Who are you?

What are your core values?

What does your business stand for and believe in?

A well-crafted brand answers all these questions for your client.

It gives you credibility, it humanizes your business and makes your client want to build a relationship with you. 

A brand is who your business is. 

And it is the who your clients want to get to know, trust and do business with.

3. Your Brand Is Your Chance to Make a Great First Impression

It is a well-known fact that first impressions count hugely in any life situation. 

It is also well known that first impressions at the subconscious level are formed within the first 30 seconds. 

Research has shown that we first form the impression about anything we encounter for the first time, then consciously look for clues that validate that impression.

That may sound unfair, but it is a true reflection of human psychology.

Your prospective client will be glancing over your business website looking to make that all-important first impression.

You get only one chance to make a first impression.

Make it a GREAT first impression with a well-executed BRAND.

4. Your Brand Prompts Your Niche Clients to Seek You Out

You want to carve out a special niche for your business in order to stand out in the market. Your business BRAND is a very powerful tool to achieve this.

Your brand creates a niche for your business and makes you stand out as YOU. 

Clients that identify with your brand will seek you out and keep coming back to you.

A simple example from the business world would be Neil Patel who has established himself as a top marketer and social media guru. His name is synonymous with SEO optimization, blogging and other marketing techniques.

He shares his knowledge and expertise that are valued by his clients who trust his brand.

In fact, Neil and many other established influencers give away a lot of knowledge and expertise for free.

Clients seek out brands that want to make a difference in their lives and businesses.

5. Your Brand Maximizes the ROI on Advertising

Whether you are advertising by running paid ads on social media or promoting your business through free outlets, your BRAND is what your audience will remember.

A well-executed brand with a suitable logo has immense potential to create an impact on the minds of prospective clients. If word of mouth is currently your best form of advertising, imagine your brand name being tweeted and shared around. 

Who would you recommend to your friends, Lone Star or this ‘lovely little corner cafe’ that served great coffee but whose name you cannot recall? A memorable brand maximizes your ROI on advertising.

To sum it up, as an entrepreneur you simply cannot afford to ignore the potential of a well crafted brand.      

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Written by Rhea Anglesey

Content Writer at Women Who Win with Toni Chowdhury