As part of my Entrepreneur Spotlight Series, I interviewed Hollie Ellis, the designer behind my new brand. It was a value-packed 20-odd minutes of conversation and she shared a lot about what she does and how she leads her clients through her brand design process.

I had found her on Instagram and immediately connected with the type of work she does. Once I’d had a chat with her, I felt like we resonated on our values and principles and I wanted to hire her to do my new brand. I already had my brand strategy in place, so I just needed the design.

And I couldn’t be more pleased with it!

I like to keep things real and talk about the experiences of being an entrepreneur. Both the good and the bad!

Hollie shares her experiences and provides insight into the rocky terrain we sometimes find ourselves on.

We only see the shiny side of being an entrepreneur – the lifestyle, the wealth, the success. And the latest trend is shooting down the hustle component of entrepreneurship. But, really?

I’ve never seen or heard of anyone becoming successful by lying on the beach, sipping on cocktails without putting in the blood, sweat and tears. Maybe my world is really tiny but I am open to being enlightened! 😀

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